Sunday, 10 June 2012

Review: Lydia

Sony was nice enough to give me a go on the HX20. After receiving the camera I was able to discover the awesome capabilities of this camera. 
It allowed me to take shots with amazing focusing abilities and brought the best out of what I was shooting

It also had a automatic background de-focuser that worked incredibly well (this is one of my favourites!). I am prone to doing shots like this with my SLR and this camera was able to work at the same level.

There is another nifty feature that if first encountered 8 years ago when I first purchased a digital camera. I thought it was an amazing idea but it didn't really work that great on my ancient camera. Sony have brought this feature back to life and made it so simple. It makes only one colour appear in a photo and makes everything else grey scale. Perfect for making something great stand out even more, and Sony does this exceptionally well.

Another favourite was the spanning capabilities. 
This took advantage of great sunsets and spectacular sky's. It was a really simple process with little to fault.

This is an amazing digital camera that is really a step above the rest.
And because I can't resist one sneaky photo of my kitty cat.

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  1. Wow, I love the photo of the flower and the panorama.